Worst Animal Cruelty Case Puppy Hacked to Death – The Petition Site

Worst Animal Cruelty Case Puppy Hacked to Death – The Petition Site

The horrendous acts commited against this poor defenceless puppy are nothing short of sickening. In Queensland in October 2008 Trent Willliam Cunniffe 24 and Jonathon Connor Blake 21 committed the drawn-out torture of Peanut, a 10-month fox terrier abducted from a family’s Moranbah home

RSPCA officers consider Peanut’s prolonged mutilation to be
one of the worst cases in Australian history. Even police were
sickened when they viewed videophone images of the ordeal.

The violent slaughter of this defenceless animal was recorded on a mobile phone. Peanut was slashed with garden shears and a pocketknife —
severing his nose, a front leg, rear leg and finally, his head. During the
video’s last segment, Peanut’s amputated body parts are displayed.

Their case is due to be mentioned in court again on Nov 17 so please sign and forward this to as many as you can to help ensure that the severest penalties possible are handed down to the men that committed this unthinkable crime


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