Tell Iraq to Stop the Inhumane Killing of Dogs – The Petition Site

Tell Iraq to Stop the Inhumane Killing of Dogs – The Petition Site
Help SPCA International Tell the Iraq Government to Find Humane Solutions! (

200 dogs were killed by inhumane measures in Baghdad, Iraq on Sunday, marking the beginning of a government campaign to reduce the animal overpopulation problem that plagues the country. These drastic actions were taken in response to a local public outcry for officials to do something about the stray packs of dogs that can cause human health and safety problems.

SPCA International adamantly condemns the inhumane methods employed in the campaign, including using poisoned meat and rifles. These means cause extreme and prolonged agony. There are humane alternatives that have proven effective and SPCA International encourages the Iraqi government to immediately stop the inhumane killing and implement humane methods.

Today, SPCA International began an effort to reach out to Iraqi officials to offer help in developing a more humane and long-lasting solution to the country’s stray animal problem.

“Killing strays alone is merely a band-aid approach to reducing the number of unwanted dogs,” says SPCA International Director of Communications, Stephanie Scroggs. “In order to better manage any stray animal population a combination of tactics must be used including spay and neuter, vaccinating healthy animals and euthanizing those that are sick or aggressive.”

SPCA International, and others in the animal welfare movement, know that this 3-pronged approach works. Without this combination of solutions, the Iraq stray population will never be controllable and the inhumane practices currently being used will continue.


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