Nationwide Ban on Gassing in Shelters – The Petition Site

662551-1227142944-mainNationwide Ban on Gassing in Shelters – The Petition Site.

“Currently there are a number of laws which to varying degrees protect the rights of animals in shelters but we need a centralized approach. Too many animals still suffer an excruciating death in gas chambers, or due to being euthanized by non qualified staff.

Both dogs and cats are stuffed in metal boxes which them get sealed and filled up with poisonous gas. The animals should be sedated first but this doesn’t occur. They die a slow excruciating death, sometimes agonizing for several minutes. It is not uncommon for young and old animals survive this horrific procedure, to be gassed again or killed in another way.

This petition was created to:

Ban the use of gas chambers and heart stick as euthanasia methods, as inhumane and ethically unacceptable. Where euthanasia is unavoidable, we demand that it be done with approved humane methods such as lethal injection and under veterinary supervision.

Support shelters to adopt a no kill policy

Support the trap-neuter-release policy for feral colonies and allow volunteers to take care of the above mentioned colonies.

Make spaying/neutering mandatory within shelters, within the discretion of the authorized veterinarians.

Thanks for your support.”


One Response

  1. This practise of cruelty should have shut down many years ago.I don’t know how the people that do this can go home and sleep.

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