Kittens Used as Live Bait – ‘Kite Fishing’ American Rich Doing This!!

The Human Society of America has announced overcrowding in their shelters by cats and kittens as a result of global warming. Earth’s warming temperatures haved caused longer and more frequent breeding seasons. Now, it’s been said, rich, arrogant traveling anglers are taking advantage of this surplus by using these helpless animals as live bait for sharks, blue marlin and tarpon. These sick individuals are abusing cats and kittens for their own twisted amusement and calling it “sport”. We hope to create awareness of this horrible act and save cats’ and kittens’ lives by doing so.

WARNING: This video contains disturbing scenes

Exclusive look inside animal lab


Stop Giving Our Pets To Class B Animal Dealers (Petition till 12/Jan)

January 12th, 2009, Montcalm’s contract with R&R is up for renewal. In an effort to urge city authorities to abandon the practice of Class B animal dealings, the Concerned Citizens Coalition, or CCC, has created a two-pronged approach to the problem. A petition has been uploaded to their website, as well as form letters for people to easily contact their city officials before the January 12th contract is signed.

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