Do You Remember MIRACLE? She Has Been Adopted!

Who would have guessed that the severly burned pit bull puppy named Miracle would have ever have made it to her first birthday? Today she is alive & well & has been adopted.


Miracle was adopted by one of the staff veterinarians that had cared for her through all of her traumatic surgeries & her painstaking rehabilitation. We may never catch her siblings’ killers nor know who did this to her… but we know that she is now safe, is very healthy & extremely well loved.

Madison is very close to 1 year of age now and is settled in quite nicely with her adopting family. She can run & jump & outplay most dogs her age but still needs a special boot on her one feet. She will negotiate a few stairs if she is motivated but has ramps at home that she loves. She recently completed the 2 mile Tear Foundation Fundraiser walk and had a lot of fun with all of the other dogs. She loves to chase her Frisbee in the field and is an excellent retriever! Madison also loves to swim but wears a life jacket “just in case”. Just like a small child, she can be difficult to get out of the water to go home. Sometimes, she plays too hard & needs to be carried home. She continues to come to work daily and loves all the attention that she can get.


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