This Spring, the European Parliament will vote on a historic
proposal to ban EU trade in seal products — a ban that would
save millions of seals from cruel commercial slaughter.

On 2nd March, the Internal Markets and Consumer Protection
Committee (IMCO) of the Parliament will decide what amendments
should be made to the ban proposal. This vote is critical: what
IMCO decides next Monday will determine what the entire
Parliament will vote on from now.

Contact your MEPs and ask them to vote to save seals.
Click here:
The issue should be clear cut for IMCO. After all, a record 425
MEPs have called for a strong ban on seal product trade. But
some members of IMCO are seeking to undermine the proposal, and
have put forward amendments that would reduce the ban to a
toothless labeling scheme — which would allow the cruel seal
product trade to continue.

Your MEPs sit on IMCO
, and in the lead up to the Parliamentary
elections, your voice counts more than ever. Please let your
MEPs know that you support an unconditional prohibition on seal
product trade, and that you will not accept anything less.


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