“Stop Shelter Animals From Being Sold for Research!”

Philippines Dogs Rescued From Butchers

At the end of January 2009 Mrs Elly Maynard, founder of Sirius Global Animal Organisation, left New Zealand for the Philippines. Her objective was to rescue 15 dogs bound for the illegal dog butchers and the dinner table. This is her report of her remarkable journey.

To learn more of the work of Sirius GAO, please visit http://sirius.2kat.net

Death Sentence for Dogs in Bali (SEND PROTEST LETTER )

The Balinese Government has also launched a rabies scare campaign – this is causing some people to hand in their pets for slaughter and yet others are taking the killing into their own hands. In fact the Governor of Bali has asked all Balinese to assist in the killing.

The answer to eradicating rabies is vaccinations – not this cruel killing. The World Health Organization states that vaccinations are the only effective way to eradicate rabies.

We need your help to convince the Balinese Government to stop this cruel and horrendous slaughter! Their plan is to keep going until all community dogs of Bali are wiped out.

Please help. Every day dogs are dying in agony …….they need your immediate help.

Please help stop the Bali mass slaughter

60 Days to Save the Polar Bear


Last week Congress passed — and President Obama signed into law — a bill giving Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar the authority to immediately rescind Bush administration regulations that eliminate essential protections for the polar bear under the Endangered Species Act. However, under the bill, if Salazar doesn’t withdraw the Bush regulations within 60 days, the regulations stay in effect and the polar bear is deprived of the legal protections it needs to survive

Secretary Salazar must act immediately, or we’ll lose this precious opportunity to instantly remedy one of Bush’s worst environmental attacks. Please sign the petition to Salazar and demand that he immediately rescind the Bush regulations harming the polar bear.

Secretary Salazar needs to hear from you today — please take action now and forward this alert to a friend as well.

Campaigners celebrate the coming into force of the European Union ban on cosmetic testing on animals

Wednesday 11th March marks the banning of cosmetics testing on animals within the European Union, potentially saving thousands of animals from appalling suffering every year. For nearly two decades, the BUAV, leading sister organisations in the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), has spearheaded the campaign across Europe to achieve this important ban. The 7th amendment to the Cosmetics Directive means that from 11 March 2009 it becomes illegal to:

– test cosmetic ingredients on animals anywhere in the EU, irrespective of whether there is a non-animal alternative method available (testing on the products themselves is already banned)
– sell or import into the EU cosmetics ingredients or products where they have been animal-tested after 11 March 2009, with the exception of certain types of test which have an extended deadline until 11 March 2013





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Consultation on your attitude towards the regulation of trapping in the EU

From 16.12.2008 to 16.03.2009


The objective of this consultation is to get feedback from the general public on what the public knows about trapping methods in general, thinks about harmonised standards for traps and the certification of traps as well as how important it would be to have EU wide rules on these issues. The internet consultation will assist the European Commission in the decision making process when considering ways to implement obligations arising from an international agreement on humane trapping standards. The consultation should, however, not be considered an opinion poll or a forum for voting about these issues. The aim is to generate the widest possible range of views on these issues to inform the decision-making. Questions in the online survey cover knowledge of practical wildlife management as well as opinions on regulating trapping, testing traps, approving of traps and on animal welfare aspects.

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In Hope: An Animal Shelter Story

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In Hope: An Animal Shelter Story