Pigs Slaughter in Egypt, Happening Now

A brutal operation is underway to kill hundreds of thousands of pigs in Egypt.

Graphic footage* of the mass cull backs up first hand accounts, showing pigs being hit with iron bars, kicked and burned alive with chemicals. The suffering is indescribable.

The Egyptian authorities initially claimed this is a precaution against swine flu. In fact, the relocation of pigs from densely populated areas of Cairo was decided on a year ago – swine flu has merely provided an excuse to cull the pigs rather than move them.

This unacceptably inhumane killing contradicts expert advice: the World Organisation for Animal Health has unequivocally informed all its member nations – including Egypt – that ‘the culling of pigs will not help to guard against public or animal health risks.’

Egypt has a choice and a responsibility
WSPA is able to advise the Egyptian government on humane handling and transportation methods to move urban pigs to more suitable environments. For ailing pigs, humane euthanasia options should be explored by the authorities.

Please call on the Egyptian prime minister to stop the killing immediately and use humane options



Write to the Egyptian Ambassador today
Ask the Ambassador in your country to halt this horrendous mass killing of the Egyptian pig herd.

Please point out that such inhumane treatment of animals not only contravenes the OIE Guidelines but is also contrary to Islamic teaching which regards animals as “communities like you”



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