Seal Alert-SA Publicly Offers Sealers $15/Seal/Day Not to Club Endangered Seals

The ‘business’ of saving seals is just that, business. Whether $7 is paid for a seal skin or $10 is charged to view seals in the wild or $25 is donated regularly to campaign against cruel seal hunts or $100 is donated to rescue seals or $500 is paid to adopt-a-seal or $5000 is paid for a seal fur jacket, it is all business at the end of the day. Therefore buying out the Namibian sealing industry, to stop clubbing and cruelty, to give these endangered seals a life-time in the wild, at $15 a seal, makes good business sense.

The 910 000 seals earmarked to be killed by sealers until 2019, at $15 a seal, will cost Seal Alert-SA and its supporters $14 million, the price the Namibian sealing industry has offered.

Today,1 July 2009 is D-Day for Namibia’s 85 000 baby seal pups. According to a front page report in The Namibian newspaper yesterday, ( ), “The sealing season starts on July 1 I think, there have been no changes”, Dr Moses Maurihungiriri, Director of Resource Management at the Ministry, told The Namibian yesterday.“We are in the third year of a three-year rolling seal quota of 85 000 seal pups and 6 000 bulls annually, which was issued in 2007,” he added.

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