Peanut (worst case of animal cruelty in Australia)- UPDATE





At the Court Hearing Today – Jonathon Blake has been given the Maximum Penalty!! of 3 years!!! for what he has done to Peanut.

This is Fantastic news that this guys is getting what he deserves!!

I’m sure we’ll hear more news from Karen & Danielle Later on what happened at court, aswell as from Axelle.

Thank you everyone for your continuing support on getting Justice for Peanut and helping support the Neilsen Family.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Rally today at Court.

This is the highest sentence given in Australian History for Animal Cruelty and now sets the Benchmark for future cases in stopping Animal Cruelty!!

 Maximum term for torture of dog


SEVERAL people wept in the public gallery as details of the cruel and callous torture and death of seven-month-old puppy Peanut were read in the District Court in Mackay yesterday.

Peanut’s horrifying mutilation and death, which his killers videotaped on a mobile phone, beggars belief and the case has been described as the worst case of animal cruelty in Australian history.

After kidnapping Peanut in the middle of the night, Jonathon Blake and another man took him to a park behind the Moranbah rodeo grounds.

They mutilated and decapitated the small dog.

Parts of his body were found around the area by residents.

Prosecutor David Morters said that, by looking at the video: “It is quite clear that both Blake and his co-accused are enthusiastic about their actions. They are laughing and making comments.

“Their purpose in cutting off his legs was to severely disable the dog.

“It is also clear in the video that the dog is in excruciating pain.”

The torture of the dog obviously resulted in great suffering, Mr Morters said.

Blake, now aged 25, pleaded guilty to seven charges, including burglary and killing an animal.

Blake was jailed for sex offences in 2006 and served 21 months; when he was released he was given employment by the Neilsen family in Moranbah. He was allowed to sleep in their home when he had nowhere else to sleep. The Neilsen family even lent him a car.

He had a falling out the Peanut’s owner, Danielle Neilsen, and kidnapped and killed the dog for revenge.

After killing Peanut, Blake drove off and crashed his borrowed car through a council fence. He was arrested for drink-driving and it was then that police checked his mobile phone and found the horrific images of the killing of Peanut.

Judge Michael Shanahan said it was one of the worst cases he’d ever heard and said the details “beggar belief”.

He was invited to watch the three videos but refused to see them, saying the details read out were enough for him to impose the maximum sentence of three years in jail.

However, Judge Shanahan followed usual legal practice and ordered parole release after one-third of the sentence was service.

He ordered the videotapes be destroyed.

13 Responses

  1. I cannot see any reason why this bastard should even get parole after serving a third of his sentence, to re-enter society, since he is not fit for freedom. He is just one more canker on the face of the earth and deserves nothing, or rather deserves the same treatment that he is capable of giving out to an innocent little puppy such as Peanut. May he, once released, be eradicated from society through his own gutless karma. The, and only then, will justice will have been served.

  2. A shame when this scumbag crashed the car he wasn’t killed!

  3. I wish I could say I am completely shocked. The truth is I am not. I am very glad though that it is getting the media attentioodk.n such attricities rarely do. It is about time. As a lover of animals: a hater of hatred and an active advocate against torture (particularly against animals/ children/disabled and the elderly) as well as a survivor: I believe it is my mission to help put an end to ” the silent” war”. It is time to stop looking the other way and truly take a stand for justice.
    theoother eay and bring back justice

  4. I know this case is a few years old and they may very well be outta jail now…but I agree human or not murder is murder! ESPECIALLY to an animal THAT CAN’T REALLY DEFEND ITSELF! It wasn’t like peanut was a large breed that could “fight”back n bite back you know this dog was TINY! And on to of that as Mikaela said he shouldn’t be put back in society cuz he’s a Sex offender who obviously isn’t ready to leave his demented past in the past!! My phone its messing up now so at the end of my post will be what I couldn’t erase.idk.anyways, don’t get me wrong I believe people can change but he has that much anger and stupidity over a ‘falling out’with people who took him in and employed him!..did everything they could to help him out n instead of being an adult and trying to talk bout it, work it out our leave well enough alone…he takes his disgusting’fantasy’our revenge out on a helpless tiny me that’s like someone doin it to a new born baby (human) to me anyways. I’m gonna try and find an article that had three other guys sentencing online now.Neilson family I doubt you’ll see this but i’m very sorry for you’re past boxer just got hit by a car a few months back n HE made me a dog person I looked for hin w my children for 2 1/2 Weeks before a neighbor saw one off or signs n called me 😦 like I said even tho its been 4 yrs I’ll put tuition my prayers tonight. God Bless.

    in the past!!!… under post

  5. This guy should be thrown in the gas chamber.

  6. Sex offender PLUS animal torture… This guy is a future serial killer, that what almost all of them did before they started murdering people. He should be watched very, very carefully.

  7. I hope someday your nose, and your legs are cut from your body. I do not want you decapitated though, I want you to feel the agony that peanut felt you no good bastard!!!

  8. This Freak, Jonathon Blake, should have gotten 10 years in Jail not 3.
    We need to start setting a Very Loud and Clear Example for Monsters like this. Nobody needs the Freak to get out on Parole. We do not want the blob walking around in society anymore AT ALL. The Courts need to enforce the FULL sentence of 3 years (every minute of it) which is waaaaaay too short. Should be 10 years! Remember Peanut, who never got to live his life. Peanut’s last memory was of this Nut doing this to him and didn’t understand why. My heart is broken into a million pieces.

    • Praise God for this! It doesn’t bring peanut back but I am happy that creep is paying for such a horrific act on an innocent being! I can’t imagine the pain that peanut went through. If only I was there to save him goes through my mind all the time.

      Thanks so much for the update!

  9. This guy had several charges against him before killing this puppy, including sex offences, so I have to wonder why this guy was let out of jail.. This guy won’t ever stop doing illegal things or hurting people and can’t control his own actions, so sadly you have to keep the the lawyers/judges responsible to make sure he doesn’t do this again. Don’t get me wrong, he is solely the one to blame and should be accountable for his actions!

    This happens all the time.. a person destroys someone’s life, they get put in jail and when they are released they only return to illegal things again.

    I’m sure we will read more about this person after he’s out of jail… again. Hopefully he doesnt kill your dog or kidnap your children. Bottom line, we need more laws to keep the crazies off the street to protect what matters the most to us.

    He deserves life in prison.

  10. What is he capable of doing next …..murder a human ….that’s what happens …..people should be told of him ,where he is ,just like news reports of where molestors are. Poor dog ,how demonic this man is.

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