Rodeo Horses Slaughtered for Profit (Graphic)


” Rodeo claim to care about their animals, so why do many of their worn-out bucking horses suffer the horror of a slaughter line? Even foals bred by rodeo stock contractors may be slaughtered! Foreign companies are killing America’s horses — many of them rodeo horses — to be sent abroad for human consumption.”

A cow being slaughtered/sacrificed

South African Cultural Leader Wants Animal Sacrific For World Cup

“Zolani Mkiva, chairman of the Makhonya Royal Trust, a grouping responsible for co-ordinating cultural activities, said the tournament, the first to be held in Africa, needed to be blessed in true “African style.”

“We must have a cultural ceremony of some sort, where we are going to slaughter a beast (cow),” said Mkiva.”

A cow being slaughtered/sacrificed in Africa.

Exposé of Noahs Ark Zoo, near Bristol, U.K.

Exposé of Noahs Ark Zoo, near Bristol, breeding tigers and camels for the owner of the Great British Circus, and the mutilation and burial of one of the tigers.

This was the lead story on the BBC1 programme Inside Out this week, 19th October 2009.

Cameras inside animal research facilities

Our Cameras are inside the laboratories around Israel exposing the truth that is being hidden from you.

The cameras are located in a big institute that conducts animal experiments- in the Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University, Ben Gurion University, Haifa University, Weizmann Institute and the Technion.
Half a million innocent, sensitive animals, are being pushed into laboratories, and taken out through the incinerators like a smoking spiral after being tormented in the laboratories. Animals, whose only sin is their low price and high availability, are being used as tools in the hands of experimenters that take cover behind the closed laboratory doors.