Pregnant doe wounded from bowhunters found in womens property in Ohio

Kudo, the horse rescuer

Richard ‘Kudo’ Couto has taken it upon himself to rescue horses from illegal slaughter houses in Northwest Miami Dade County known as the C-9 Basin. Kudo and his organization, Animal Recovery Mission (ARM), aggressively pursues and rescues abandoned horses that may end up being butchered alive for their meat, which sells between $7.00 – $40.00 dollars a pound, he claims.

EU pig farm investigation by Compassion in World Farming

Compassion in World Farmings recent investigation into pig farming in six EU Member States suggests that the vast majority of pigs reared in the EU are being farmed illegally. EU legislation requires pigs to be given sufficient straw or similar rooting material so that they can engage in their natural behaviours of investigating and manipulating their environment. However, most EU pigs are reared in fully slatted systems where such provision is almost impossible.

Bored and frustrated in the barren world of the factory farm, pigs sometimes bite each others tails. To prevent this farmers often dock cut off part of the tail. Routine tail-docking is prohibited – farmers must try to prevent tail biting by improving the conditions in which the pigs are kept. Yet despite the ban on routine tail-docking, a report by EFSA shows that over 90% of pigs in the EU are tail-docked.

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Nine Months is Nine Too Many: FREE BRINDI NOW!

Horses Need Your Help before 21 January – Ask the MEPs to sign the declaration 54/2009


Please help us to help vulnerable animals. Every action counts:


  • You can help to end Europe’s single biggest abuse of horses – NOW.

Every year, 100,000 horses are transported across Europe for slaughter. The terrible conditions as they make their long journeys mean that they suffer from disease, dehydration, exhaustion and injury – all for a needless trade. The infrastructure already exists to make slaughter at source and a carcase trade possible.

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are elected to represent you in Brussels and can influence the laws governing these journeys – so tell them what you think of this practice. Please write to your MEP asking them to sign Written Declaration 54/2009. If more than half of all MEPs sign this before 21st January 2010, we will be one step closer to ending these brutal and totally unnecessary journeys.

Please write to your MEP asking them to sign Written Declaration 54/2009. If more than half of all MEPs sign this before 21st January 2010, we will be one step closer to ending these brutal and totally unnecessary journeys. These animals can be slaughtered in their country of origin and do not have to be dragged half way across Europe.

If less than 50% of MEPs support the Declaration it will fail, weakening the case for new laws ending the long-distance transportation of horses to slaughter in the European Union. Please use the template letter below to contact your MEP today, and ask your friends in Europe and the UK to do the same. You can find out who your MEPs are by visiting. Find your MEP and check that they have signed Written Declaration 54/2009 here.

Download the template letter here.

(translations available below)

Why not cut and paste the template letter into an email for your MEPs? Or contact them using social networking sites, such as Twitter? A large number of politicians have Twitter accounts, making it much easier to get in contact.

If your MEPs have signed the Written Declaration, do you know anyone in Europe that could write their MEPs? Or can you write to other MEPs using the translated letters?

Ukraine corrupt municipality bosses kill stray animals for EURO 2012 in Lugansk

Corrupt council bosses in Lugansk are using the forthcoming Euro 2012 championships to kill stray animals. Here is how it works:

Lugansk has an airport where football fans from Europe will arrive. The fans will then be transported by bus to Donetsk stadium where the matches will be played.

Corrupt municipality bosses use this event and the expected high number of visitors to suggest that all stray animals must be killed for safety purposes and this will also enhance the image of the city it will be nice and clean and safe.

But to do this they need an allocation of money from the city. The corrupt officials then state a hugely inflated figure of strays and say they need 100h ( approx 10 euros) to kill each dog. Of course they say that this will be done humanely.

Then having received all the money from the city budget, they get together unemployed workers and send them out to kill strays by poison maybe the cost is a few Euro cents per dog (after all how much does it cost to get some cheap poison and dig a hole to bury the animals when the hole is full they just dig another one).

For every dog they kill they say they have killed ten or twenty or more. For every 100,000 euro of budget, it is estimated that perhaps 1000 euros are spent and that leaves 90,000 Euros which is stolen and shared amongst the officials.

This kind of scam is operated in many regions of Ukraine with KYIV CITY MUNICIPALITY being the most corrupt. This has gone on for years and IS A BIG MONEY MAKER FOR MUNICIPALITY OFFICIALS. The corruption is AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL.

Naturewatch urges all football fans and all teams in Europe to write to UEFA urging that it takes action to stop this barbaric, unnecessary and cruel at Lugansk municipality.