EU pig farm investigation by Compassion in World Farming

Compassion in World Farmings recent investigation into pig farming in six EU Member States suggests that the vast majority of pigs reared in the EU are being farmed illegally. EU legislation requires pigs to be given sufficient straw or similar rooting material so that they can engage in their natural behaviours of investigating and manipulating their environment. However, most EU pigs are reared in fully slatted systems where such provision is almost impossible.

Bored and frustrated in the barren world of the factory farm, pigs sometimes bite each others tails. To prevent this farmers often dock cut off part of the tail. Routine tail-docking is prohibited – farmers must try to prevent tail biting by improving the conditions in which the pigs are kept. Yet despite the ban on routine tail-docking, a report by EFSA shows that over 90% of pigs in the EU are tail-docked.

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