Skinned alive

Skinned alive

Its not a bad dream
It happens in real life
They tear off our skin
while we are still alive
why do they take
our souls away
for coats to wear
on winter days ?

We are scared and afraid
Facing our death alone
standing in a line
waiting for our turn
look into our eyes
we feel pain just like you
but we cannot talk
thats why we need you

Lets get together
Lets give them a voice
Get up, stand up
Lets make that choice
The animal rights revolution starts
We will fight for the beating hearts
We have to answer their cry to survive
And let the animals stay beautiful alive !

Born into deprivation
Short life in a tiny cell
Misery and isolation
Angels forgotten in hell
Our bodies laid aside,
Our bones are thrown
Now, our death is ready to be worn

No protection and no explanation
To this deadly pain, humiliation
We have only you, please understand
Save us from fashions cruel deadly hand

Lets get together
Lets give them a voice
Get up, stand up
Lets make that choice
The animal rights revolution starts
We will fight for the beating hearts
We have to answer their cry to survive
And let the animals stay beautiful alive !


Trapping footage: Fur Bearer Defenders
Lyrics: Shiri Shemer & Jane Halevy
Composition: Elad Elharar & haim Kairi
Music production & Arrangements: Solly Gershkovich & Ilan Pustopetski
Singer: Noa Lembersky
Guitars: Lidor Levy
Piano & Keyboards: Solly Gershkovich & ilan Pustopetski Bass: Uri Kleinman
Drums: Tomer Zidkiyhu
Mix: Erez Caspy
Mastering: Shmulik Daniel
Recording technician: Tomer Matana
Produced by Uzi George “GP”
video clip produced by ADOM film

Be A Guardian, Not An Owner – Dr. Katz and Elaine Hendrix

Chickens hell behind the farm shop

Appalling conditions on a chicken farm – old suffering in new cages.
The poultry Schukraft in Gemmingen presented as idyllic farm with farm shop and cafe. But behind the scenes, thousands suffer from hens kept in filthy cages between their rotting brethren.
FOUR PAWS demands the closure of the establishment.

The Albert Schweitzer Foundation Congratulates Four Paws for our contemporaries to their research, as it is now finally possible to get a picture of the alleged animal-Kleingruppenhaltung without resorting to dubious sources to have.

How Would You Feel? – Orca Style

Robeson County 768 KB.WMV

Video at left from Robeson County animal pound shows “heartstick” being performed, possibly illegally as North Carolina law may be interpreted that the American Veterinary Medical Association’s protocols be adhered to. The AVMA protocols as required by NC law to be adhered to require that animals being euthanized by heartstick be “heavily sedated” or “comatose.” The video shows that none of the dozens of animals being killed are “heavily sedated” nor “comatose.” Robeson County is STILL using heartstick. Robeson and many other NC counties may be able to get away with violating NC law because of the “closed door” policy of these municipal pounds. Since there is no independent supervision, the daily assembly line euthanasia of former beloved family pets are done in secrecy. Many of the 30 plus counties of North Carolina who still do not exclusively use intravenous injection continue to use heartstick, gas, decompression, or gunshot.

Back Our Bullies – Ban Breed Specific Legislation!

With Defra having a public consultation on the effectiveness (or not) of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and Breed specific legislation, there has never been a more important time to finally repeal this non effective legislation. Make your vote count. Join DDA Watch on Facebook today!

Fox Pens in Florida

Fox Pens in Florida are legal and allow hunters to capture coyotes and foxes and place them in enclosed pens with no chance of escape. Packs of hunting dogs are then turned loose on the wildlife all for the sake of sport. The prey is ran to utter exhaustion and eventually caught and killed by the dogs. We are attempting to get this “sport” abolished in Florida. Please join the cause at

Boat Fired On – Bensalem Authorities Do Nothing

When wealthy members of the Philadelphia Gun Club fired on a boat during a live pigeon shoot, why didn’t the Bensalem Police do anything? Could it be because of the undue influence of the National Rifle Association – the NRA? Even more troubling is why the mayor and city council also refuse to take any action.

SHARK is requesting a full and independent investigation into the unbelievable refusal of Bensalem Township authorities to enforce the law.

Care to contact Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo? His number is 215-633-3603.

Skin Trade Theatrical Trailer


From the director of the multi-award-winning documentary film “Behind the Mask” comes the new documentary the fur industry doesn’t want you to see.

“Skin Trade” takes the viewer on a journey form the birth of fur used for trading between Native Americans and Europeans, to the exploitation of animals and fur for fashion. The film delves into the corruption and lies perpetrated by fashion designers that claim their fur designs are eco-friendly” as well as those retailers and fur farmers who claim that the animals are killed humanely.

With a pulsating soundtrack by Duran Duran and The Faded, Skin Trade is sure to motivate and inspire designers, celebrities and consumers to stop buying fur and start making a stand.

Featuring John Feldmann, Jorja Fox, James Cromwell, Rikki Rockett, William McNamara, Todd Oldham, Ingrid Newkirk, and more!

With the help of producers John Feldmann (lead singer of Goldfinger and famed music producer), Jennifer Lee Pryor (widow of the infamous Richard Pryor and amazing activist) along with Gene Blalock and The Faded, and title theme by Duran Duran, this film will shatter the fashion industry!

BUT we still need YOUR help! Please help spread the word or if you are interested in hosting a screening in your area, please contact. Thanks for the support!

Martin Shaw and Viva! Fight for Ducks

“Every time a spotlight is shone into yet another dark recess of factory farming I shake my head in disbelief and despair. I admire and wholeheartedly support Viva!s undercover investigation into slaughter because through their disclosures comes hope of change.”
Martin Shaw
Actor and Viva! Patron