Robeson County 768 KB.WMV

Video at left from Robeson County animal pound shows “heartstick” being performed, possibly illegally as North Carolina law may be interpreted that the American Veterinary Medical Association’s protocols be adhered to. The AVMA protocols as required by NC law to be adhered to require that animals being euthanized by heartstick be “heavily sedated” or “comatose.” The video shows that none of the dozens of animals being killed are “heavily sedated” nor “comatose.” Robeson County is STILL using heartstick. Robeson and many other NC counties may be able to get away with violating NC law because of the “closed door” policy of these municipal pounds. Since there is no independent supervision, the daily assembly line euthanasia of former beloved family pets are done in secrecy. Many of the 30 plus counties of North Carolina who still do not exclusively use intravenous injection continue to use heartstick, gas, decompression, or gunshot.


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