“Jail Dogs in 1C” Operation Second Chance

Karmalized Pictures is proud to present “Jail Dogs In 1C”
A documentary about a very special program in Georgia that helps save dogs who are on death row.
Operation Second Chance and the Gwinnett County Detention Center started this program to give Dogs a second chance at finding a safe and forever home.
Also getting a second chance are the inmates at the jail. The Dogs are paired up with carefully selected inmates who are taught how to train and take care of the Dogs while they wait to be adopted.

We have met the most amazing Dogs who were minutes away from death. The inmates are so dedicated to training and taking care of the Dogs and they spend 24 hours a day with them. Every jail should have a program like this.
Not only does it save Dogs lives it also gives the inmates responsibility and a companion who doesn’t judge them and gives them unconditional love.

This project is dedicated to all those wonderful Cats and Dogs who never found their safe forever home.


Save dogs on death row start jail dog program in Florida” petition!

After seeing the video link below on “Operation Second Chance” in Georgia where “death row” shelter dogs in Gwinnett co. Georgia are spared euthanasia and instead sent to be trained by inmates in the Gwinnett County Jail and eventually adopted I decided to petition my Governor to start a similar program in my State of Florida. Money saved in NOT euthanizing dogs goes instead to funding the program. Personally I think every state should start a similar program…we could bring the death toll way down…Animals can change the hearts of humans and vice versa.. it’s an excellent idea. Once we reach 1,000 signatures and I send to Gov. Crist, I’ d like to send the results to a national representative. Looking into it now… see this video>



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