Coalition to Unchain Dogs – Beauty, Susie and Brandi

Beauty, Susie and Brandi’s fences were built by the Charlotte Chapter of the Coalition to Unchain Dogs. The Coalition provides free fences for dogs who live continuously at the end of a chain. Each dog also receives a free vet appointment including spay/neuter. Please visit to learn more.

Dogs Waiting for Fences

Looking for a great gift idea? These dogs are still waiting for their fences.

Give your friends and family members a gift that will forever change the life of a chained dog. Consider sponsoring one of our dogs for a fence build.

Humane Research Australia – Broken video HD.wmv

The Performance

Narrated by Terry Waite CBE and with music by Moby, ‘The Performance’ is being used to draw further attention to the plight of thousands of animals being used in circuses throughout Asia.

Client: Animals Asia Foundation

Title: The Performance

Narrated by: Terry Waite CBE

Duration: 00:09:11

Broadcast: Online

On location: China and London

For more information and to support this campaign, please visit


This film features potentially upsetting scenes of animal cruelty.

Revealed: No Country for Animals

Do animals have any rights in Canada?

Revealed: No Country for Animals examines Canada’s deplorable record on animal welfare and looks at the people who are fighting to bring about much-needed change.

This documentary introduces viewers to some of the people who are fighting to bring about change in this country. There’s Nicole Joncas challenging the Quebec courts to close their horrific puppy mills, or Twyla Francois, armed with an undercover camera, campaigning vigorously to bring attention to the mistreatment of farm animals. We meet Canada’s first lawyer to specialize in animal law, and a new, young generation dedicated to the fight to improve the lives of animals through legal and educational means.

This documentary will enlighten and enrage you and will leave you wondering how humane our society really is.

Watch No Country for Animals