The last elephant slave in Chile / El último elefante esclavo en Chile

Liberen a Ramba, el ultimo elefante esclavo en Chile (PETITION)

En virtud de la situacion anomala y vulneratoria de la ley y tratados internacionales suscritos por Chile en materia de especies protegidas, hemos solicitado formalmente al SAG que disponga el cambio de custodio de la elefanta RAMBA, para efectos de trasladarla desde el circo Los Tachuelas al Santuario de elefantes en USA. Ramba Pertenece al Estado de Chile desde 1997, tiempo en que fue decomisada por ilegalidad (ella es producto del trafico ilegal de especies en peligro de extincion),
pero nunca se hizo efectivo su retiro material, por diversas razones, ninguna en bien de la elefanta.
La ciencia, la razon, la ley, las convenciones internacionales estan de nuestro lado, tenemos la conviccion de hacer lo correcto, y exigimos del Estado de Chile igual disposicion a cumplir sus compromisos.
Para apoyar esta causa firma la PETICION o solicitud formal al SAG.

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Liberen a Ramba, el ultimo elefante esclavo en Chile (PETITION)

Under abnormal situations and that violated the law and international treaties signed by Chile with regard to protected species, we formally requested the SAG that has a change of keeper of the elephant RAMBO, for the purpose of moving it from the Shrine Circus The Tacks elephant in the USA. Ramba belongs to the State of Chile since 1997, the time it was seized by illegal (she is the product of illegal trafficking of endangered species)
but never his retirement became effective material for various reasons, none good of the elephant.
Science, reason, law, international conventions are on our side, we have the conviction to do right, and urge the State of Chile as provision to meet their commitments.
To support this cause signing the petition or request formal SAG.

Facebook Ramba more information on the last slave in Chile

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Elephants: Spaceless In Seattle

Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo has 3 elephants on display: Chai, Bamboo and Watoto. These gentle giants suffer an unfortunate consequence of living in Seattle — they spend 16 to 17 hours a day, 7 months a year, in small indoor stalls, and as a result they are developing joint and foot diseases, the primary killers of elephants in captivity.

It doesn’t have to be this way — they could go to The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee . Unlike Woodland Park Zoo, which has less than one acre of space for the elephants to share, The Elephant Sanctuary has 2700 acres of varied terrain where many retired zoo and circus elephants roam free 24 hours a day. The climate is much friendlier than Seattle’s and the Sanctuary staff provide animal care around the clock. The Elephant Sanctuary has offered to accept Chai, Bamboo and Watoto free of charge — it seems like the obvious compassionate choice.

Please help make a difference – share this video with your friends, and visit to find out more.

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