Three Skinny Dogs in PA Get Rescued

Dogs Deserve Better got a tip about three skinny dogs living in pens in central Pennsylvania. DDB’s Tamira Thayne investigated, worked with the caretaker, and got him to give up all three dogs.

None of the dogs had food or water anytime Thayne was there, and there was excuse after excuse for how thirsty, thin, and hungry they were. Mostly the man blamed his ex-girlfriend who left the bad relationship for taking in the animals and leaving them there with him.

But regardless of how that went down, they were HIS responsibility to care for, and in that he failed miserably.

Harley, the golden retriever who was bought from a pet store who buys from puppymills, Roxy, the little back lab with every rib showing, and Savannah the setter mix with a major obsession to hunt down small animals, are happy to be free and starting to get acclimated to the REAL world, where dogs are part of the family.

Love Dogs? Then give your dogs what they need and deserve. An inside home with a family who loves and appreciates them.


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