Anne’s agony: Battered, kicked and stabbed, the desperate plight of Britain’s last circus elephant


5 Responses

  1. This article reduced me to tears in the middle of a shop today . for the welfare and for the time anne has left is there anything thAt can be done to help her to give her at least some happiness

  2. Frankly, It might be “uncharitable” to think and say this but I hope the pond scum bastard perpetuating the torture to that elephant dies a very slow and agonising death himself – twice over!!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I would like to have 60mins with him and show him the meaning of torture!

  4. i have never seen anything so disgusting in my life. I hope the authorities jump all over these sub humans who were prepared to treat a defenceless chained animal with such contempt. May they rot in hell

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