Ban fur farms in Ireland!

Investigation Into Irish Fur Farms Winter 2011 – Time For A Ban

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The Governor of CA: Do not repeal any provisions of the Hayden Law

In a message to Governor Jerry Brown, former State Senator Tom Hayden urges California Governor Jerry Brown to leave intact the law he wrote in 1998 to protect shelter animals in California from premature euthanasia and increase their chances of adoption.

The Governor of CA: Do not repeal any provisions of the Hayden Law


Tell California Gov. Brown not to kill thousands of innocent shelter animals



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Captive Animal Misery in European Zoos

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The animals in this video were observed at zoos in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Romania as part of The EU Zoo Inquiry 2011, an extensive investigation conducted by the Born Free Foundation, in association with the European coalition ENDCAP, involving 200 zoos in 21 EU countries. It’s clear that the poor conditions witnessed during this investigation have taken their toll on the animals. See