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Santas Visit pigs in factory farms

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Santa Claus visited Austrian factory farming!

“Christmas for everyone!” The thought two welfare advocates, who – dressed up as Father Christmases climbing – into a pig to give the animals living there a little variety. The gifts, straw and apples, were adopted by the pigs bouncy and grateful!

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And that is the true Christmas story:
It so happened on a cold December night. Two Christmases were on their way from the far north to the brave children who had completed their shopping lists placed on the windowsills. By loud shrieks became aware of the Santas looked through the window and saw a large hall frightening: instead spacious and comfortable living quarters, as usual for the Christmas reindeer, they saw bleak rooms, crammed with poor pigs. Although they have very much to do decided at Christmas Santas, soon to come back and bring the pig children gifts.

And so they packed tags to a bag full of straw and a bag full of apples and climbed into the pig facility. She cautiously opened the door to the animals too much to frighten. Excited, they were received by the pigs, which they reviewed anticipation.
The two Santa Clauses were visibly moved by the reaction of the pigs. After initial skepticism, our pink friends used their fine and delicate nose, to explore the completely unknown material, which they had never seen before, too. Since there was sniffing it dug and chewed. They must be modest, the pigs, because they do not get a lot of straw, not enough to be able to lie comfortably – but still! Alternative to other food for monotony also brought the delicious juicy apples. They were eagerly devoured by the connoisseurs! It was wonderful to watch these kind of animals, thought up the Santa Clauses. But the time had come to collect more shopping lists of window sills, including those of children of farmers. “Oh, the farmers would understand that, that they do nothing good pigs, when they piled it so completely without the ability to behave in a species-appropriate,” said Santa Claus to the other. That gave them an idea: “We’ll give the peasant children with books and films that will tell them what an intelligent and interesting animals are pigs!” The dazzle them! ”

And so, it wants the story, the visiting Santas are many many stables, and give hope for many animals. But the farmers will be rewarded with knowledge and wisdom to be locked up at the end of an animal has more – and people and animals live in respect and regard for one another in peace with each other. As Christmas, and on all other days!

Background Information:
Pigs are highly intelligent mammals. They are the people in many ways similar and closely related.
But instead entgegenzubringen respect and respect for our fellow creatures, are held prisoner in Austria, 3.5 million pigs in disgraceful conditions. On a concrete floor, they must stand and lie, with no soft bedding. Exposed to the psychological stress, lack of or inadequate employment material. This leads to aggression within the groups, which often lead to injuries. Instead of countering the causes, the animals are adapted to the system: teeth and tails are pinched off due to injury has just been cut.
Every year in Austria alone, 5 million pigs slaughtered and eaten. Even at Christmas, the feast of contemplation and peace …

The film about the visit of two Christmases in a pigsty was the VGT – The Association Against Animal Factories sent – anonymously, with the request for disclosure. Which we have agreed because it is a peaceful and very beautiful symbolic action. We wish also to farmers whose animals have been visited, a beautiful and peaceful Christmas!

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“Animals are sentient and do know they are going to die. You can see how this one cow just don’t want to go in there because he knows death awaits him. How heartbreaking. “

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Recent investigations have revealed a ‘growing’ animal industry that the vast majority of Australians would be unaware of.
‘Ultra-fine’ wool growers supply an elite international market and wealthy buyers from the world’s foremost fashion houses.

Ultra-fine wool growing is an intensive animal industry. Specially-bred sheep are kept indoors in individual small pens 24 hours a day for four or five years. Nylon coats are worn by the ‘shedded’ sheep to further ensure that dust and dirt does not enter their fleece — and, like every other intensive animal industry, the behavioural and social needs of the sheep, intrinsic factors which provide quality of life, are completely ignored.

The impacts of chronic stress caused by an inappropriate environment are obvious. The confined sheep continually chew on the wooden slats and strands of wire which enclose them. Repetitive body movements were also observed – classic stereotypic behaviours caused by a barren environment (which leads to chronic boredom), combined with the inability to exercise, or to perform simple natural behaviours such as the ability to graze on grass.