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Three Skinny Dogs in PA Get Rescued

Dogs Deserve Better got a tip about three skinny dogs living in pens in central Pennsylvania. DDB’s Tamira Thayne investigated, worked with the caretaker, and got him to give up all three dogs.

None of the dogs had food or water anytime Thayne was there, and there was excuse after excuse for how thirsty, thin, and hungry they were. Mostly the man blamed his ex-girlfriend who left the bad relationship for taking in the animals and leaving them there with him.

But regardless of how that went down, they were HIS responsibility to care for, and in that he failed miserably.

Harley, the golden retriever who was bought from a pet store who buys from puppymills, Roxy, the little back lab with every rib showing, and Savannah the setter mix with a major obsession to hunt down small animals, are happy to be free and starting to get acclimated to the REAL world, where dogs are part of the family.

Love Dogs? Then give your dogs what they need and deserve. An inside home with a family who loves and appreciates them.

The true story of Hachiko the faithful dog

“In 1924, Hachiko was brought to Tokyo by his owner Hidesaburo Ueno, a professor in the agriculture department at the University of Tokyo.
The bond between Hachiko and Mr. Ueno can only be described as unbreakable…
The two were inseparable and Hachiko even accompanied Mr. Ueno from his walk from home to the Shibuya train station where he would leave for work every single day.
Hachiko would unfailingly return the train station at the end of each day to welcome his master home.
But on May 1925 Professor Ueno suffered a stroke while he was at work and died soon after never to return to the train station…
Hachiko was waiting for his beloved master to return on that day as he always did before.
Soon after Mr. Ueno’s death Hachiko was given away but he would escape every day to return to the train station to wait for his master.
Day after day Hachiko returned to the train station until he eventually stopped leaving…
Some people who had seen Hachiko with his master were so touched by his devotion they started bringing food to nourish him during his wait…
The days turned to weeks… Months… Years…
After 10 years of waiting for his master at the train station Hachiko died with his gaze fixed upon the spot his master disappeared the very last time…
Today a statue stands in the spot where Hachiko waited his entire life for his master’s return… “


In April 1934, a bronze statue in his likeness was erected at Shibuya Station, and Hachikō himself was present at its unveiling. The statue was recycled for the war effort during World War II. After the war, Hachikō was not forgotten. In 1948 The Society for Recreating the Hachikō Statue commissioned Takeshi Ando, son of the original artist who had since died, to make a second statue. The new statue, which was erected in August 1948, still stands and is an extremely popular meeting spot. The station entrance near this statue is named “Hachikō-guchi”, meaning “The Hachikō Exit”, and is one of Shibuya Station’s five exits.

A similar statue stands in Hachikō’s hometown, in front of Odate Station. In 2004, a new statue of Hachikō was erected on the original stone pedestal from Shibuya in front of the Akita Dog Museum in Odate.

Peanut (worst case of animal cruelty in Australia)- UPDATE





At the Court Hearing Today – Jonathon Blake has been given the Maximum Penalty!! of 3 years!!! for what he has done to Peanut.

This is Fantastic news that this guys is getting what he deserves!!

I’m sure we’ll hear more news from Karen & Danielle Later on what happened at court, aswell as from Axelle.

Thank you everyone for your continuing support on getting Justice for Peanut and helping support the Neilsen Family.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Rally today at Court.

This is the highest sentence given in Australian History for Animal Cruelty and now sets the Benchmark for future cases in stopping Animal Cruelty!!

 Maximum term for torture of dog


SEVERAL people wept in the public gallery as details of the cruel and callous torture and death of seven-month-old puppy Peanut were read in the District Court in Mackay yesterday.

Peanut’s horrifying mutilation and death, which his killers videotaped on a mobile phone, beggars belief and the case has been described as the worst case of animal cruelty in Australian history.

After kidnapping Peanut in the middle of the night, Jonathon Blake and another man took him to a park behind the Moranbah rodeo grounds.

They mutilated and decapitated the small dog.

Parts of his body were found around the area by residents.

Prosecutor David Morters said that, by looking at the video: “It is quite clear that both Blake and his co-accused are enthusiastic about their actions. They are laughing and making comments.

“Their purpose in cutting off his legs was to severely disable the dog.

“It is also clear in the video that the dog is in excruciating pain.”

The torture of the dog obviously resulted in great suffering, Mr Morters said.

Blake, now aged 25, pleaded guilty to seven charges, including burglary and killing an animal.

Blake was jailed for sex offences in 2006 and served 21 months; when he was released he was given employment by the Neilsen family in Moranbah. He was allowed to sleep in their home when he had nowhere else to sleep. The Neilsen family even lent him a car.

He had a falling out the Peanut’s owner, Danielle Neilsen, and kidnapped and killed the dog for revenge.

After killing Peanut, Blake drove off and crashed his borrowed car through a council fence. He was arrested for drink-driving and it was then that police checked his mobile phone and found the horrific images of the killing of Peanut.

Judge Michael Shanahan said it was one of the worst cases he’d ever heard and said the details “beggar belief”.

He was invited to watch the three videos but refused to see them, saying the details read out were enough for him to impose the maximum sentence of three years in jail.

However, Judge Shanahan followed usual legal practice and ordered parole release after one-third of the sentence was service.

He ordered the videotapes be destroyed.

Soldiers’ hero dog Sandbag to be flown to UK after he was rescued on streets of Iraq

In memory of Jonah, by Maria Daines


A short tragic life lived in pain
Not pain that leads to something better
To recovery, or a quiet peaceful home
Safe with those you know
Where you are wanted for your happy presence
Treasured for your soft ears
And trusting eyes
Welcomed for your gentle spirit
Called upon when you stray too far
Missed when you are out of sight
Or a little too far from loving arms
Arms that would have cradled you
As you slept, dreaming of love…
Now, dear Jonah, you slumber safe
In the eternal shelter of a million caring hearts
For not all human beings are cruel
The ones who let you down
The callous brutes who could not see
How much you mattered
Those that trespassed through your right to life
Those that dragged barriers across your final hope
Drawing curtains of ignorance around your sorrow
So your suffering might be alone
They, and only they, each and every one that stole your escape
Keeping you far from rescue
They may waken each morning
With the knowledge that they matter least.
For their aging broken souls carry boulders of emptiness
Their shallow agenda will weaken and be rendered useless
Their eyes shall dim with cowardice
And their hollow, worthless shame
Shall become a prison for their lack of dignity.
Yet you, dear creature of another world
Resting soundly now, your body healed of ache and pain
Renewed and repaired, you are at one with the Rainbow
Aloof from this planet where a species of savages roams
You shall be remembered always, far from this dumb world
You will shine brightly as a butterfly in moonlight
You are amongst the friends who gathered you to their hearts
Friends who tried to pull you closer through an unfathomable distance
Friends who wished you an almighty strength
To fight an interminable struggle of indifference
They will never know the power, Jonah
Or the pleasure of man’s beautiful best friend
A friend who would be devoted to their very being
Loyal and enchanting, a comrade in compassionate war
The antidote to human angst and a miracle beyond all reason
Each heart encased in fur shall live amongst the brave forever more.
Those who let you down
And those who were not content with living their own wretched life
Those who blocked your path to recovery simply because they could
Those so ignorant that they possess nothing of any value
Their empathy is shipwrecked somewhere in a shrunken sea
They are already forgotten…
Whilst you remain a rock of hope and a beacon of our need
A symbol of all that we may overcome
You were not ruined, they could not break you
For you are what they can never be.
You live inside those that care for life
You belong to everyone that ever cared.
And through your suffering this night shall never end
For wherever the voiceless guardians unite
Wherever they stand tall and turn against the cruelty
Wherever a plea is heard
There will be no silence. No apathy
No challenge worthy if not borne of love
Your life and death will never be over.
Your brief moment in this bleak space and time
Will not be in vain.
You are our memory
We promise.

Maria Daines
November 2008

‘Songs for the voiceless, music for the soul’

Things Our Dogs Teach Us About Love

Our dogs love totally, completely and unconditionally. Not only that, there are many lesson we can learn from our wonderful canine companions, about love and about life. Here’s just a few…

Love comes with responsibility. Love takes time and effort. When someone loves you and…
Things Our Dogs Teach Us About Love