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Video at left from Robeson County animal pound shows “heartstick” being performed, possibly illegally as North Carolina law may be interpreted that the American Veterinary Medical Association’s protocols be adhered to. The AVMA protocols as required by NC law to be adhered to require that animals being euthanized by heartstick be “heavily sedated” or “comatose.” The video shows that none of the dozens of animals being killed are “heavily sedated” nor “comatose.” Robeson County is STILL using heartstick. Robeson and many other NC counties may be able to get away with violating NC law because of the “closed door” policy of these municipal pounds. Since there is no independent supervision, the daily assembly line euthanasia of former beloved family pets are done in secrecy. Many of the 30 plus counties of North Carolina who still do not exclusively use intravenous injection continue to use heartstick, gas, decompression, or gunshot.


End Gas Chamber Euthanasia

End Gas Chamber Euthanaisa 


Stop the Gassing of Shelter animals in Texas


Help stop the use of gas chambers to euthanze cats and dogs in Pennsylvania


Support New York Bill AD999 to Ban Animal Shelter Gassing


Ban the Gas Chamber for Animals in Michigan!


Stop Inhumane Gassing of Animals


Boost Euthanized for no reason


Stop the Use of Gas Chambers as a Method of Euthanasia in Utah


14,500 Unnecessary Deaths by AHS in Minnesota


Stop Gas Chamber Killings


Nationwide Ban on Gassing in Shelters


Ban the INHUMANE GAS CHAMBER for Animals in Honolulu Hawaii



Pet Euthanasia – The Sad Truth

HELP PASS SB250 in California

California’s SB 250
The Pet Responsibility Act

Each year, over $250 million dollars is spent housing and euthanizing homeless dogs and cats in California1. Approximately 1 million dogs and cats enter California’s shelters each year, and over half of them are euthanized (killed) simply because there are not enough homes2.

This enormous number of homeless pets actually means that every dog born in the state of California today has nearly a 1 in 4 chance of ultimately becoming homeless and dying in a shelter3. Two-thirds of the cats entering California shelters are euthanized2. And, the number of dogs and cats entering our shelters is currently on the rise2.

SB 250 provides a reasonable, fiscally responsible step towards reducing pet overpopulation in California. The bill simply requires that dogs be spayed or neutered unless their owner/guardian obtains an unaltered dog license when they license their animal.

Born to Die ……

Every year, an estimated 5 to 10 million pets are euthanized in animal shelters in the United States. Why? Because there is no place for them to go, no homes for them. Yet, we continue to let animals roam freely, unneutered and producing more unwanted animals. Their offspring often go from birth to the shelter where, if they are not adopted before their 6 days are up, they will be killed. That is where the expression “born to die” applies; newly born into this world only to be put to death. What a tragic waste of life. There is a solution for this overpopulation problem, and that is to spay and neuter.

In Hope: An Animal Shelter Story

See the video
In Hope: An Animal Shelter Story

Nationwide Ban on Gassing in Shelters – The Petition Site

662551-1227142944-mainNationwide Ban on Gassing in Shelters – The Petition Site.

“Currently there are a number of laws which to varying degrees protect the rights of animals in shelters but we need a centralized approach. Too many animals still suffer an excruciating death in gas chambers, or due to being euthanized by non qualified staff.

Both dogs and cats are stuffed in metal boxes which them get sealed and filled up with poisonous gas. The animals should be sedated first but this doesn’t occur. They die a slow excruciating death, sometimes agonizing for several minutes. It is not uncommon for young and old animals survive this horrific procedure, to be gassed again or killed in another way.

This petition was created to:

Ban the use of gas chambers and heart stick as euthanasia methods, as inhumane and ethically unacceptable. Where euthanasia is unavoidable, we demand that it be done with approved humane methods such as lethal injection and under veterinary supervision.

Support shelters to adopt a no kill policy

Support the trap-neuter-release policy for feral colonies and allow volunteers to take care of the above mentioned colonies.

Make spaying/neutering mandatory within shelters, within the discretion of the authorized veterinarians.

Thanks for your support.”