Captive Animal Misery in European Zoos

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The animals in this video were observed at zoos in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Romania as part of The EU Zoo Inquiry 2011, an extensive investigation conducted by the Born Free Foundation, in association with the European coalition ENDCAP, involving 200 zoos in 21 EU countries. It’s clear that the poor conditions witnessed during this investigation have taken their toll on the animals. See

The Curse Of The Children Of The Wind

Dog Couple – Road Tragedy in China

WEEAC – World Event to End Animal Cruelty

Miracle dog dies

Malta – Star, the dog that survived unimaginable cruelty in Malta, has just died.

The severely abused dog was found buried alive – she had been shot 40 times in the head with a pellet gun and her muzzle was bound with twine.

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A Christmas Puppy

‘A Christmas Puppy’

They took you in then they soon found out
You were trouble to them, now they want you out!
They don’t want your noise, your little accidents
They just want peace, and good riddance!
They thought a dog would be fun, they’d take it for walks
But a few months later, they shout when you bark
A few months later the walks are no more…
You sit by the window and stare at the door
You’ve nothing to do but what do they care
You’re no longer a pup and they’ve no money to spare
So you don’t get your walks and you’ll sometimes go hungry
They’ll go to the pub and piss up their money
You’ll get tied in the garden come rain or come shine
You’re slowly forgotten under the washing line
You’ll wander in circles and sleep out the hours
Chew on your tail and dig up the flowers
You’ll hear other dogs as they pass on the street
You’ll long to be with them, share a game, have a treat
But no one in your house will notice your plight
As they close the curtains and turn on the lights
The winter will come and they’ve almost forgotten…
That there’s you in the cold and your dog house is sodden
You’ve nothing to play with and nothing to eat
And nobody can see you through the fence from the street
You’ve sat there for months in your own quiet hell
A puppy they bought off a bloke they knew well
He’s got a new litter n’ he’s selling again
And already it’s Christmas, but now you’re in pain
Your eyes are like hollows, your ribs are on show
You’re broken by sorrow but nobody knows
As you lick your sore feet and wince, how you hurt…
You’re wasting away to a grave in the dirt
But inside the festive dinner is served
And a present is given to a very young girl
She screams with joy as the box opens up
And there in the corner, is a new fluffy pup!
Farewell to young Bess in the garden, you died…
You didn’t have long, a year then goodbye
They buried you, said you were sickly and bad
But this new dog they’ve got is the best that they’ve had.

Written and narrated by Maria Daines

Demand Justice for Dog Shot at D.C. Festival


In Memory of Parrot

Ohio Dairy Farm Brutality

Hidden camera video secretly shot by an investigator with Mercy For Animals at an Ohio dairy farm reveals shocking, malicious cruelty to calves and cows. The video, recorded between April and May, 2010, shows dairy farm workers beating cows in the face with crowbars, stabbing them with pitchforks, breaking their tails, and punching, throwing, and kicking calves.

Find out what you can do to help at:

Stop Animal Abuse at Conklin Dairy Farms Ohio


Bojan Jambrosic – Be Above Cruelty

Croatian singer Bojan Jambrosic in Animal Friends’ campaign against animal testing! The aim of the campaign “Be Above Cruelty” is to draw attention to the cruelty of vivisection, that is animal testing, and to invite the public to buy only products not tested on animals. The white list, or list of companies that do not test their products and ingredients on animals, can be seen at

ASPCA fails NYC carriage horses